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Doha Finals make their mark on first day of competition


The opening day of the King of the Court Finals 2021 in Doha, Qatar presented some excellent plays and great action from the men’s tournament. Phase One was played completely and we now have a taste of who might be the top contenders for the crowns. Lots of former and reigning champions today, the people watching at Aspire Zone in Doha as well as from home were served some royal entertainment. The King of the Court Finals in Doha are organized in cooperation with Qatar Volleyball Association.

Game 1
The first match of the day saw the first-ever mixed-nationality team from back in 2018 back together and almost picking up where they left off. Alexander Brouwer from the Netherlands and Oleg Stoyanovskiy from Russia reformed Brouwernovskiy and they earned the first golden ball of the tournament.

Check out the livestreams of all matches below.

Game 2
Another Dutch couple got their hands on the golden treat they can use in the next phase, Stefan Boermans and Yorick de Groot were on fire and almost cruised to victory. No mean feat, they beat 2020 Kings Marco Krattiger and Florian Breer of Switzerland.

Game 3
Home court favorites and Olympic bronze medalists Ahmed Tijan and Cherif Younnousse showed the crowds in Aspire Zone what they are capable of. Winning two out of three rounds ánd earning the golden ball, they are showing all of their skills, both in the game and on entertainment.

Game 4
The Kings of King of the Court Utrecht 2021 are still on a high from winning the crowns. David Åhman and Jonatan Hellvig, U21 World Champions, delivered on the promise, they played some spectacular beach volleyball. They are the fourth group winners and of course through to Thursday.

Playoff nr. 5’s
The teams who finished last in their pools weren’t eliminated immediately, they were offered a second chance. In one playoff round of fifteen minutes Alejandro Huerta and Adrian Gavira from Spain made the most of that chance and got a spot in the 4th place playoff we will play tomorrow, that will see another three teams through to the Group Stage.

Thursday’s line-up
On Thursday we start at 14.00 Arabic Standard Time (GMT+3). Check out the schedule here and find out when your favorite team will play! We’re on YouTube!

Men’s tournament Phase One (click on the links to go directly to the sessions)