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Hamburg treated to spectacular plays on first day of King of the Court

Hamburg, Germany |

The start of the King of the Court Crowns Series 2022 couldn’t have been any better. A full stadium on the Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg saw four King of the Court matches that were action-packed. The reigning Queens and Kings of Doha showed why they were crowned last January, they were right on top of their game from the get-go. Check out the results below and make sure you’re signed up for King of the Court TV, because they royal experience continues today!

In the first match Norwegian pair Emilie Olimstad and Sunniva Helland-Hansen proved they have lots of Queen of the Court experience in their bags. They were second in both the first and second round and reached 15 points in the final round before the time was up. They’re through to the quarterfinals, together with Germany’s Sarah Schulz and Anna-Lena Grüne, and Belgians Sarah Cools and Lisa van den Vonder.

In the evenings’ match Queens Isabel Schneider and Sandra Ittlinger showed their resolve to also win in Hamburg. In a tight session they won in the third round by beating Japan’s Akiko Hasegawa and Yurika Sakaguchi, and Dutchies Emma Piersma/Mexime van Driel.

The new Dutch pairing of Alexander Brouwer (playing in his tenth King of the Court tournament) and Ruben Penninga was on fire right from the start. Flying high and hitting hard, their specialty is to overpower the opposition. They raced to victory over Estonia’s Kusti Nõlvak and Mart Tiisaar, and Swiss Yves Haussener and Quentin Métral. They’re also through to the quarterfinals, but the Dutchies have a golden ball in their possession.

The reigning Kings of Doha, Ahmed Tijan and Cherif Younnousse of Qatar, immediately showed the cheering Hamburg crowd why they are among the favorites. With spectacular plays and awesome inventive solutions they were unstoppable. Winning each round they’re wasn’t any doubt as to who were best on the first night. Chilean cousins Marco and Estaban Grimalt and the German/Slovenian combo of Paul Henning and Nejc Zemljak are also through to the quarterfinals.

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