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Hawaii is ready for King of the Court

Waikiki |

The third stop in our first King of the Court Crown Series tournament.

The fast action-packed elimination beach volleyball battle, King of the Court Crown Series, continues today at Waikiki. King of the Court in Hawaii will be spectacular because not only the best beach volleyball men teams will fight for the crown, also the best women teams of the world are there to battle for the title Queen of the Court. At the beautiful Fort DeRussy Beach Park 15 men and 15 women teams will compete in the King of the Court stadium. Steeped in beach volleyball history and with a local population hyped on the sport this sun-soaked leg of the series promises to be off the hook.


6 teams from the USA will give everything to beat the men’s teams from Europe, Brazil and Canada at Waikiki. In poule A Dalhausser/Lucena and the McKibbin brothers will take on Varenhorst/Bouter from Holland, the ‘Volley Vikings’ Mol/Sørum (Norway) and beach volleyball legends Harley/Ricardo from Brazil.

The battle in poule B will be thrilling with 5 interesting and strong teams from the whole world. Will Gibb/Crabb and Rosenthal/Budinger keep the American proud high? Budinger was a standout basketball player in the NBA, he played for the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves for 3 years each. He now makes the transition to beach volleyball where he is partnered with Sean Rosenthal. Can he become the King of the Court with his partner? The American teams in poule B will compete against the strong Dutch duo Brouwer/Meeuwsen, the Canadians Pedlow/Schachter and Saymon/Guto from Brazil.

Poule C is also one to watch. With the American showman Casey Patterson and his partner Stafford Slick and Crabb/Bourne to defend the home advantage, it will be nice to see what they can do for their own crowd. The Crabb brothers are born on Hawaii, an extra special event for them. The European teams in this poule are Beeler/Krattinger (Switzerland) and Samoiloivs/Plavins from Latvia. The poule is completed with the Kings of the Court from Utrecht , Spaniards Herrera/Gavira.


At the women’s side there are 7 teams from the USA.

In poule A Cook/Spieler and Hughes/Ross play against Pavan/Humana-Paredes (Canada), Stubbe/Van Iersel from Holland and Artacho del Solar/Clancy (Australia).

Poule B looks great to with the number one of the world: Agatha/Duda (Brazil) and the American teams Ross/Klineman and Cannon/Sponcil. With the European Champs Keizer/Meppelink and Hasegawa/Futami from Japan it’s going to be a blast.

The third poule has 3 hometeams: Hochevar/Claes, Stockmann/Larsen and Day/Flint. They need to give their best against the Canadian topteam Bansley/Wilkerson and the Germans Borger/Kozuch.

Thirty of the world’s best beach volleyball teams battle for the title in Waikiki, there are 3 matches per group – first 5 teams, then down to 4 and down to 3. Top 3 of all 3 groups + highest scoring 4th advance to semi finals. Be there!