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How does King of the Court 2021 Utrecht work?

Utrecht, the Netherlands |

Less than three weeks to go before King of the Court 2021 starts on the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht. From Wednesday 25 to Saturday August 28, a total of twenty teams per gender will be playing for the crown and get to decide who will rule over Utrecht in 2021!

A full King of the Court match is played by five teams over three rounds of fifteen minutes. After the first rounds the team with the least amount of points will be eliminated. In the second round the same thing will happen for the team that ends up fourth. In the final round the three remaining teams will battle for victory. The team that’s on top after fifteen minutes, or that reaches fifteen points before the fifteen minutes are over, will win.

On Wednesday August 25 and Thursday August 26, the first phase of the tournament starts, in which twenty teams will compete for fifteen available places in the main draw. They do this in four groups of which the best three will qualify. Teams finishing fourth and one lucky fifth will face each other in a playoff match for the final three spots in the group stage.

The Groups Stage starts on Friday when three groups of five teams will battle for ten available semifinal spots. Again the best three teams will qualify. A playoff will be held on Saturday morning between three teams who finished fourth in their respective groups. Teams finishing fifth will be eliminated.

Saturday will be the day for crowning the new kings and queens of Utrecht 2021. After the play-off determines the last team to play in the semifinal, two groups will determine who will qualify for Saturday evening’s grand finale. The two best teams per group qualify immediately, the numbers 3 and 4 will play a play-off for the last place in the all-deciding final.

The grand finale starts on Saturday 28 August at 7.30 pm. First, the women will determine who can wear the crown, then after a performance by a renowned artist, the men will also compete for who can rule over Utrecht. The evening will conclude with the award ceremony.

Would you like to be there from August 25 till 28 in Utrecht? Buy your tickets here. The stadium on Jaarbeursplein has been built completely corona-proof for King of the Court Utrecht 2021. You can buy a skybox for 4 to a maximum of 10 people.