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King of the Court Finals to be played by fifteen teams per gender


For the first time the King of the Court Finals will be played this season.

The top-10 teams from the ranking that was composed by combining the results from both Hamburg and King of the Court Utrecht 2021 will be placed automatically. A total of thirty teams will play for the titles of Queens and Kings of 2021 and the prize money of $ 150.000.

With already two grand events behind us King of the Court has had a great summer. For the first time the tournament was organized in Germany, with both a national and international edition, played at the Stadion am Rothenbaum in Hamburg. Crowned as Queens were Laura Ludwig from Germany and Switzerland’s Anouk Vergé-Dépré, the Kings from Hamburg were Poland’s Piotr Kantor and Bartosz Losiak.

A week later in Utrecht during King of the Court the titles went to Swedish young guns David Åhman and Jonatan Hellvig. In the women’s draw the mixed nationality team of Spain’s Maria Belén Carro and Italy’s Marta Menegatti ascended the throne.

From these two tournaments a ranking was composed. Check out the top-10 (top-11 for women, due to equal amount of points for Laboureur/Schulz and Stam/Schoon) below in each gender. These teams have qualified for the King of the Court Finals. The additional teams to play in the Finals will be invited.


1. Krattiger / Pristauz (SUI/AUT)

2. Poniewaz/ Poniewaz (GER)

3. Samoilovs / Smedins (LAT)

4. Koekelkoren / Van Walle (BEL)

5. Kantor / Losiak (POL)

6. Åhmann / Hellvig (SWE)

7. Brouwer / Meeuwsen (NED)

8. Herrera / Gavira (ESP)

9. Thole / Wickler (GER)

10. Guto / Arthur (BRA)


1. Barbara / Carol (BRA)

2. Suzuki / Ishii (JPN)

3. Ludwig / A. Vergé-Dépré (GER/SUI)

4. Carro / Menegatti (ESP/ITA)

5. Bieneck / Schneider (GER)

6. Wojtasik / Kociolek (POL)

7. McNamara / McNamara (CAN)

8. Olimstad / Lunde (NOR)

9. Keizer / Meppelink (NED)

10. Laboureur / Schulz (GER)

11. Stam / Schoon (NED)

If a team from the Top-10 is unable to attend, the next in line will not automatically qualify.


Check out the full ranking, including points earned, here.