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King of the Court Hamburg off to a great start

Hamburg, Germany |

The first day of King of the Court in Hamburg has shown the audience at the Stadion am Rothenbaum what the game is all about. Spectacular plays, ticking time bombs and big fights for golden balls. The first phase was completed today with fifteen teams per gender moving on to tomorrow.

On the first day of King of the Court during its German debut twenty teams per gender set everything into motion in order to move on to tomorrow’s matches. In the first phase the teams that survive the first two rounds in a group of five teams directly earn their spot for the second phase. Teams eliminated in the second round move on to the playoff and one lucky loser team that finished last in their group.

Women’s draw
In the Women’s tournament some of the biggest teams in Germany won their group matches. Karla Borger and Julia Sude, having just won bronze at the European championships in Vienna last weekend, topped their group. Same result was achieved by Viktoria Bieneck and Isabel Schneider, they also won by reaching fifteen points before the time of the last round was up. Lea Kunst and Nele Schmitt also were group winners, as were Hanna-Marie Schieder and Paula Schürholz.

The playoff was nail-biting as usual. In three rounds of just five minutes three teams would be able earn their place amongst the twelve teams already through to Friday’s matches: Lena and Sarah Overländer, Sabrina Gigl and Natscha Niemczyk and Nina Deepen and Katharina Rathkamp.

Check out the full results here.

Men’s draw
The World Championships silver medalists of Hamburg 2019 and King of the Court 2020 finalists, Julius Thole and Clemens Wickler won all of the rounds in their match and moved on fairly easy. Manuel Harms / Richard Peemüller, Lucas Mäurer / Dirk Westphal and Bennet and David Poniewaz also won their groups.

In the final playoff all was aimed at winning a round of five minutes, as in the playoff system the order is different. In regular groups the team in last place is eliminated after the time is up, in playoffs the team in first position after five minutes earns their spot in the next round. This way three more teams can prolong their journey in King of the Court Hamburg and a chance of qualifying for the international’s tournament semifinals: Georg and Peter Wolf, Nils Ehlers / Rudy Schneider and Philipp Huster / Mio Wüst.

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