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King of the Court was a great success both economically and in audience appreciation


King of the Court 2020 in Utrecht has been an enormous success, both economically and in terms of audience appreciation.

The economic impact for the municipality of Utrecht is almost half a million euros (€ 460,000). The attending audience’s appreciation for the first international sports event in the Netherlands since the outbreak of the corona pandemic was unprecedented. The visitors graded King of the Court 2020 an average of 8.9 out of a possible 10. None of the respondents valued the tournament below average. The event was viewed very well online, in total almost 350,000 hours, and fans watched for an average of 14 minutes. That is 46% higher compared to other beach volleyball content.

This is shown in a study carried out by the Sports & Economics Research Center of the Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen on behalf of Sportworx. They measured the economic impact for the municipality of Utrecht and mapped how visitors experienced King of the Court 2020. Below is a summary of the main results of the study.

  • 4,300 visits by 3,600 unique visitors
  • 96% of the visitors indicated that they find the concept (very) attractive
  • On average, the visitors valued the tournament an 8.9 out of a possible 10
  • King of the Court has generated approximately € 460,000 in additional expenditure for the municipality of Utrecht
  • The corona measures were rated as being good by 96% of the visitors
  • Visitors indicated that they had missed sporting events and were specifically looking forward to King of the Court 2020

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Also a great success online and on TV

The four-day event has left its mark worldwide. The tournament has been televised in over 135 countries. In total, more than 665 hours of King of the Court have been broadcast. The event has been broadcast live in 24 countries.

The live streams on YouTube and Facebook have been viewed more than a million times, even more than 10 million people encountered it. In total they watched almost 350,000 hours. Viewers stayed on average for 14 minutes, which is considerably higher compared to other beach volleyball content (46% more).

The reach was enormous on social media. The more than 4,000 messages and articles yielded more than 36 million impressions. There were as many as 1.2 billion possible ways in which the public could have learnt from King of the Court.

In the Netherlands, the tournament received more than 31 million impressions in the written press in more than twenty regional and national publications. The live broadcasts on national broadcaster Ziggo Sport were viewed over a million times.