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Maurice Lacroix signs four-year deal as official timekeeper of King of the Court


Sportworx is proud to announce the signing of a 4-year deal with Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix as official timekeeper of the King of the Court.

Both companies are innovative, ambitious, creative and courageous and are happy to continue hand in hand in the development of the sparkling new variant that conquered the beach volleyball world in a short time

With the signing of this deal, Sportworx and Maurice Lacroix confirm their collaboration that they started in 2020. Two years earlier, Sportworx presented the new and exciting beach volleyball format King of the Court to the world and it was an absolute hit. In 2020, King of the Court was back in Utrecht, the home of Sportworx, to organize the first international top tournament since the corona pandemic had struck the sports world.

Sportworx has introduced the true Kings of beach volleyball, the Beachvolley Vikings Anders Mol and Christian Sørum, to the Swiss watch brand. As their sports management company Sportworx laid the groundwork for what is now a truly remarkable partnership in beach volleyball.

Maurice Lacroix also appreciates how King of the Court tries to make its experiences accessible, an attribute it shares with Maurice Lacroix, a luxury brand that is known for making affordable watches with a high perceived value. Perhaps, most of all, Maurice Lacroix chooses to work with partners who are driven and crave success. It is for this reason that Anders Mol & Christian S⌀rum and Joana Heidrich & Anouk Vergé Dépré were invited to join the ML Friends of the Brand and likewise why Maurice Lacroix and King of the Court have chosen to work together.

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, stated, “Maurice Lacroix is an official partner of KOTC and the reasons behind this partnership are numerous. Since the inaugural AIKON models were unveiled in 2016, Maurice Lacroix has repeatedly looked to the urban landscape for inspiration, creating watches for ambitious, driven individuals. Therefore, the notion of bringing sporting events to city centres immediately resonated with our brand.”

Wilco Nijland, CEO & founder of King of the Court adds: “Time is one of the key elements of our King of the Court sport discipline; it’s an elimination race in rounds of 15 minutes with the world’s best beach volleyball teams. With Maurice Lacroix we have, for us, the best possible watch brand on board for our very promising journey. The way Maurice Lacroix is approaching new and existing markets, with innovative watches, is very professional, ambitious, creative, and brave. This fits so well with the vision and style of King of the Court. It’s great to feel that we are sharing so many of the same mutual brand values; this will be without any doubts recognized by each visitor of our platforms live or online!”