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Motorola Play of the Year goes to Clemens Wickler


How often do you see a hitter defend his own blocked attack with his feet and after his teammate sets it from outside the court kills is to position 6? This is a play you get to do once in a lifetime and the fans of King of the Court on social recognized it. Clemens Wickler’s foot rescue and kill was voted Motorola Play of the Year! A well-deserved title.

Motorola is a partner of the 2020 King of the Court tournament in Utrecht. Motorola embraced the concept of King of the Court, because the company understands its position. “Motorola has been around for over 90 years,” marketing manager Harold de Kort explains. “The company is always looking for innovation in the telecom industry. We see a nice parallel with beach volleyball. Beach volleyball has been around for a long time, but King of the Court is an innovation in this field. How can we change it so that both athletes and spectators enjoy it more? That is what we do with our innovations too.”

Ultra Speed ​​for all

The speed of King of the Court, which adds an extra dimension to the game, is also something De Kort sees in the developments at Motorola. “We are developing smartphone products that work on 5G. Ultra speed for all is our theme, you can of course see that in King of the Court where the innovation has ensured that the game has been given a much faster pace for players and the spectators.”

Play of the Year
Next to having Plays of the Day during the tournament, King of the Court and Motorola can now also announce the winner of the Motorola Play of the Year. On the final day of 2020 we posted two rallies. One where Markéta Sluková-Nausch saves a ball close to the net and drops it along the net out of reach of Sanne Keizer and Madelein Meppelink. That rally received lots of votes, but in the end the above-described top action by Clemens Wickler was voted as the winner.