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New Dutch Kings and Queens have been crowned

Breda, the Netherlands |

Breda, July 18th 2021

The first stand alone edition of the Dutch Championships King of the Court is won by Stefan Boermans and Yorick de Groot. At the women’s tournament the sisters Emi and Mexime van Driel won the crown for their home crowd. Both teams won a wildcard for the international King of the Court tournament in Utrecht at 25-28 August.

The preliminary rounds and the finals were held on Breda Beach and on the amazing centercourt at Kasteelplein in Breda. With stunning weather it was a beautiful weekend to play. With a warm summer sun and 28 degrees Celsius, 50 Dutch top-beach volleyball teams were fighting for the national King of the Court titles. All the present crowd was enjoying the spectacular beach volleyball rally’s in or around the amazing corona-proof stadium in the city-center.


In the last round in the women’s final were playing next to van Driel / van Driel, Polder / Priem en Piersma / Piersma who won respectively the second and third place. Those teams has beaten Bekhuis / Everaert and Bak / Gras who also played in the final. New this edition was an extra time-out in every round. This minute starts 5 minutes before the end of the round and was utilized to cool down and discuss the last tactics. In the ladies final, the sisters van Driel used this time-out perfectly to conquer their last two points directly afterwards.

Luin / Nijeboer, Boermans / de Groot, Boehle / van Werkhoven, Varenhorst / van de Velde and Immers / van Steenis were battling in the corona-proof stadium for the crown of the mens tournament. After the elimination of Luini / Nijeboer and Boehle / van Werkhoven, Boermans / de Groot won with a huge headstart the last round of the men’s final. The second and third place belongs to Immers / van Steenis and Varenhorst / van de Velde.

All the winners are looking forward to King of the Court Utrecht to battle against the best international beach volleyball players. The audience in Breda was wildly enthusiastic. A good warming-up for the tournament in Utrecht from 25 till 28 of August! Do you want to join? Register for tickets right now at

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