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Quest for the crowns of Doha is heating up

Aspire Zone, Doha, Qatar. |

The King of the Court Crown Series Finals 2022 have delivered on their promise of a spectacular chase for royal glory. The quarterfinals at the Aspire Zone in Doha, Qatar produced some of the best beach volleyball has to offer, the upcoming semifinals of Friday can only be even better as players will be able to almost taste the gold. Join us on King of the Court TV to see which teams will qualify for Saturday’s finals.

In the men’s event we’ve seen the performance of some teams and players we could expect. The jump setting Swedes David Åhman and Jonatan Hellvig were on fire in their quarterfinal, despite not winning the final round in dramatic fashion. Dutchies Ruben Penninga and Leon Luini (TP & LL) had a perfect comeback from being 8 points down with 5 minutes to go. On Wednesday reigning Kings Ahmed Tijan and Cherif Younousse showed why they are the current title holders. We also saw some excellent performances from Brouwer/Meeuwsen, Nõlvak/Korotkov and Popov/Reznik.

But which players are most impressive in their individual stats? Matthew Immers is doing great, leading in both serving and in attack. The defender played the quarterfinal with fellow Dutchie Christiaan Varenhorst, but due to injury Immers will continue the tournament with USA’s Troy Field. Immers has scored in almost 70 per cent of his attacks, Field in fourth with 55,6%. Åhman is currently the best digger. Together with Kyle Friend with 20 digs. The royal blockers competition is heating up. ‘Big Rez’ Eduard Reznik made 6 blocks, Cherif is on five. But the best blocker out there is Edgars Tocs. He made 9 blocks so far.

The men’s semifinals will be played Friday local time 17.15 and 20.15 (GMT +3). Check out the pool composition here.

The rule of the Queens is being battled with fierce intension as well. Reigning Queen Isabel Schneider and her new partner Julia Sude won their quarterfinal in convincing fashion, earning them a golden ball to use as a joker in the semis. Hamburg Queen Pleun Ypma and her partner Emma Piersma came out on top of a heated game with the Makhno twins and bronze medalists from the Utrecht European Finals Kotnik/Lovšin. Sisters Gerda and Rugile Grudzinskaite from Lithuania showed great perseverance in their final round, beating Helland-Hansen/Olimstad and Brecht Piersma/Bekhuis for the golden ball.

Hamburg 2021 Queen Anouk Vergé-Dépré had to go the long way with her partner Menia Bentele. But though the 5th and 4th place playoffs they reached the semifinals. Bentele is on top of the stats with six aces, a joint effort with Inna Makhno. Wies Bekhuis is the best digger with 20, two more than Vergé-Dépré. And it’s a shame we already lost Reka Orsi Toth (ITA) and Jasmine Fleming (AUS), as they are best attackers (Orsi Toth, 73,7%) and blocker (Fleming, 6) so far. The competition will only become more heated as we continue with the semifinals.

The women’s semis are played at 16.00 and 19.00 local time. Check out the layout of the pools here.

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