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Sportworx signed contract for new beach volleyball format King of the Court

Utrecht |

A test game was played in Utrecht in June of 2017 and was according to players, organisers and public a great success.

In the King of the Court format five international teams play against each other. There is a winner’s side on the court and a challenge side and each rally will start with a service from the team at the challenge side. If the team on the winner’s side wins the rally, they will stay on the winner’s side and get one point. If the team on the challenge side wins the rally, they’ll go to the winner’s side while the other team will leave the court and wait for their turn to serve again. The team with the lowest score in each round will be eliminated. The first round lasts 20 minutes, the second 15 minutes and the third round goes on until the first team has earned 15 points.

The four events are all planned to take place in September 2018. The first one is confirmed in Utrecht, the second planned in Belgium, then onto Hawaii and finally to California, to the cradle of beach volleyball, Huntington Beach.

Sportworx is the driving force behind this format. Sportworx is a newly formed Dutch agency and is run by Joost Bellaart (former international hockey coach and sports marketing specialist). Knowledge of and experience in sports, sports-marketing, marketing communications, sponsor strategy and building brands are all well represented within the company.

Sportworx is also the organiser of the Dutch Dela eredivisie Beach Volleyball Tour and the Dutch Dela National Championship Beach.