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Tune in to the Doha Finals!

Doha, Qatar |

New Kings of Doha will be crowned today after losing the reigning champions Ahmed Tijan and Cherif Younousse in the semifinals on Friday. Reigning Queen Isabel Schneider has made the Final, but she’s facing fierce opposition from mostly the Netherlands. Two women’s team have qualified for the ultimate challenge for the crown. In the men’s event three teams of Dutch descent (one of them together with American Troy Field) are taking on Poland and one team to emerge from the play-off. Follow the action on the final day on King of the Court TV, you’ll be part of the royal family!

The Dutch’s royal Orange is flying high this tournament in the Aspire Zone. The two semifinals on the women’s side were won by teams from the Netherlands. Both Pleun Ypma/Emaa Piersma and Brecht Piersma/Wies Bekhuis were almost out of the semis in the earlier rounds, but they came out on top in the all-important third round. Spain’s Carro/Lobato and Germany’s Schneider/Sude are joining them in Saturday’s final, to be played at 19.00 local time (GMT+3).

Before the final can be played the fifth finalist will have to be known. With the Grudzinskaite sisters from Lithuania, Ukranian Makhno twins, Slovenia’s Kotnik/Lovšin, and Anouk Vergé-Dépré/Menia Bentele from Switzerland the play-off is packed. Tune in at 17.30 local time (GMT+3) to witness it all.

The shock of losing Ahmed and Cherif in the semis will be felt all across Qatar. It was a big surprise they finished 5th in their semifinal. That match was won eventually by the newly formed couple of Dutchman Matthew Immers and USA’s Troy Field, who stepped in after Christiaan Varenhorst had to withdraw due to injury. Immers and Field beat Brouwer/Meeuwsen, the experienced pair from the Netherlands, who are also directly into the final.

A third Dutch pair also made the final, ‘Total Package’ Ruben Penninga and ‘Double LL’ Leon Luini ran away in the final round scoring 21 points, eleven more than Poland’s Bartosz Losiak and Michal Bryl, who were responsible for sending 2021 Utrecht Kings David Åhman and Jonatan Hellvig to the play-off in dramatic fashion. The play-off will be played at 18.00 Doha time (GMT+3), next to the Swedes it’s Tocs/Fokerots, Henning/Winter and Popov/Reznik who are fighting for the last spot in the final.

The contest for the best stats is still going strong. Leon Luini is leading the serving stats with seven aces, Matthew Immers is the best in attack with 71,4 % conversion. Åhman remains the best digger (37, 11 more than Luini) and Edgars Tocs (in the play-off) is leading the field in blocks (11).

Pleun Ypma had a great day in block Friday, she’s now the best blocker with 9 (one more than Kotnik and Bentele). Bentele has served the most aces (11) and Wies Bekhuis is the best digger with 39. The best attacking numbers are still Reka Orsi Toth’s, with 73,7 % she probably won’t be caught by any of the remaining pairs.

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