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Utrecht Summer Stadium renamed BetCity Arena

Utrecht, the Netherlands |

The Utrecht Summer Stadium is on the Jaarbeursplein in the heart of the Netherlands. Dutch betting platform has become a partner of the stadium, which has been renamed the BetCity Arena. From August 30 to September 25, several major national and international sporting events and concerts will be held in the BetCity Arena, the innovative stadium of Utrecht event agency Sportworx, which was first built in 2020 for King of the Court. It was the ingenious find that made it possible to visit (sporting) events safely during the corona pandemic.

BetCity, the Dutch provider of betting games, has a great passion for sports. That is why they did not hesitate for a moment to link their name to ‘Zomerstadion Utrecht’, as it is called in Dutch, where the emotion of top sport can be experienced in every fiber of your body.

Melvin Bostelaar, CEO of BetCity: “The BetCity Arena will host innovative sporting events with very high entertainment value for more than three weeks. BetCity therefore recognizes itself enormously in the DNA of the urban stadium and the individual events in the BetCity Arena. Together we believe that we are able to 'change the game'. In addition, it makes me extra proud that we can help make this possible in my hometown of Utrecht!”

Wilco Nijland, director of Sportworx: “I am very happy with the collaboration, we go together very well. With BetCity we have a partner that matches what we want: to create an experience in the city center of Utrecht. I am pleased that BetCity is taking the plunge with a relatively new initiative, the Summer Stadium. They do a lot in sports sponsorship, and I think it is a great compliment that they also have linked their name to our stadium.”

Major sports and cultural events
Just like last year, several major sporting events will be held in the BetCity Arena. The EY Copa de Padel will take place in the opening week until Sunday 4 September. International top players come to Utrecht, where they compete for the prizes. Demo matches are also played by special guests.

In the second week the flagship of Sportworx is back. King of the Court has teamed up with European volleyball association CEV to host the first King of the Court European Championship. From Tuesday 6 to Sunday 11 September, the Queen & King of the Court, European Finals is played. The best players are aiming to be crowned as European royalty. The BetCity Arena will once again shake on its foundations during this international mega beach volleyball event.

Then AirBadminton will occupy in the BetCity Arena and there will be room for concerts. In the last week, the FIBA ​​3x3 basketball World Tour comes to the Netherlands. The spectacular sport, which made its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2021, is full of excitement. The BetCity Arena will be ablaze when the finals are played on September 25.

Four weeks of top entertainment in the BetCity Arena, we can't wait to get started!